Question: Why do I get so involved in so many daily writing challenges?
Answer: It’s the only thing that keeps me consistently writing on a daily basis!

I think the keys to consistent writing are these: desire, motivation, and accountability. The desire has always been there. Even before I could use a pencil properly, I was telling stories, to myself and other. What writing challenges do for me is to provide the motivation and accountability. When I say I am going to write a poem-a-day or a small stone-a-day, I do it.

I have been loving the January small stone challenge. When I stop focusing so much on the poetic form, that takes all the pressure off of writing. I don’t feel like I need to be profound or humorous or clever 24/7. I just need to write about things that matter to me. And when I truly pay attention, I find so many more things to write about. I had already resolved to write a small stone every day this year, so when I saw the WordPress postaday2011 challenge this morning, I just couldn’t resist: a river of stones + postaday2011 = daily posts.

And if I miss a day or two in there like I did earlier this month when I had pressing matters to deal with, I’m not going to worry about it. Either I’ll catch up, or I’ll let those days go and move on. Starting now…


2 thoughts on “postaday2011

    • Thanks. Funny but I decided just today to try to build up a 3-4 day backlog of posts for those days when too much is going on to write. Is the scheduler some kind of WordPress feature?

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