Smile for the Camera

The Big Tent prompt for this week was to take a photo and write about it from the point of view of the photographer. This was a fun one as I’ve been looking through old photo albums all this week. I was originally going to write about my long ago relatives (and I still might some time!) but the photo that caught my attention was one I look at every night of my mom and me. It is my favorite photo of her. I have no idea when or where it was taken, who took it (although I imagine it must have been my dad), or what we were laughing at…

Smile for the Camera

I said smile, not laugh, he says, clearly peeved.
What are you laughing at anyway? Oh, not you,
I hastily assure him, wiping tears from my eyes.
Then what? he insists. I don’t know, just…
He looks so perplexed, I can’t help myself, and
soon her silvery laughter joins mine, as we give
ourselves over completely to mirth. He stares
at the two of us for a moment in bemused silence.
Women, he mutters, as he snaps the photo.

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22 thoughts on “Smile for the Camera

    • Thanks Erin. I just wish I could remember more about the circumstances of the photo. Judging from the binkie looped on my finger and the green elephant I’m holding, I can at least surmise that my (then) infant son must have been amusing us with his antics.

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