three holiday haiku

I love holidays and I’m on  day 25 of the NaHaiWriMo challenge. So here are three holiday haiku for the Big Tent Poetry prompt. The rest of my NaHaiWriMo haiku can be read on the NaHaiWriMo Facebook page, along with a myriad of other wonderful haiku from others across the globe.

groundhog’s day –
looking for
lost shadows

Valentine’s Day –
the queen of hearts
trumps all

Caribbean Kigo Kukai #21

President’s Day weekend –
crocuses blanketed
by a layer of snow

NaHaiWriMo on FB

If you’re wondering what happened to my NaHaWriMo posts, the answer is this: since Frogpond recently changed its policy of allowing submissions of haiku that have appeared on FB or Twitter, but NOT on blogs, I made the difficult decision not to post them on this blog, but to hold them out for possible submission. However, they can still all be read on FB on the NaHaiWriMo page, along with a myriad of other wonderful haiku from many of the 321 people who follow this page. 🙂

I will resume my small stones, come March 1, as well as continuing with other posts.  Stay tuned…

Frogs, He Said

I have a special fondness for the first poem I ever published, so when I saw the Big Tent prompt this week to take the title of a manuscript we’d like to write, and then go back and write the title poem, I kind of did the process in reverse. I took the poem I already wrote, which was published in Four and Twenty, Vol. 1, Issue 2, Nov/Dec 2008,  and based on that, titled the manuscript: Frogs, He Said

Sleeping With an Open Window

Frogs, he says
Crickets, I insist
We stop again to listen.


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