Seven Sevenlings (plus or minus two)

…well okay, only five, but somehow seven sounded catchier. The sevenling is another poetry form which combines two of my favorite ingredients: a poetry short form with a list. Make that  two lists, of three items apiece.

Sevenling (A rose is a rose)

A rose is a rose,
not a peony or dahlia.
I repeat: a dahlia is not a rose.

But often when muddling
through a sonnet or triolet,
or even a haiku

a rose is only a rose.


Sevenling (I could wish for)

I could wish for health,
happiness or even the moon
if anyone were to ask me.

A fountain of youth,
joy unbounded,
limitless possibilities, and more…

but alas, no one ever asked me.

Sevenling (Within the matryoshka)

Within the matryoshka,
a smaller one, and within it,
a smaller one still.

Sometimes things fold in on themselves,
like a raindrop in the sun,
or an imploding star, or love

and sometimes there’s only clouds.

Sevenling (Seconds tick)

Seconds tick into minutes
tick into hours
as we wait… and wait…

A watched pot never boils,
no news is good news, it’s always
darkest before the dawn, I think

as the doctor approaches.

Sevenling (If you cross)

If you cross a three
stanza, three item apiece,
seven line poem

with a poem of
seventeen syllables in
5-7-5 lines

would you then call it a sevenku or would it be called a hailing?

Read more sevenlings here.

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