Waking Dreams

The Big Tent prompt this week was to write the cure for something that’s got us down. Now admittedly it hasn’t been a terribly cold (or terribly long) winter around these parts, but still, I’m ready for spring!

Waking Dreams

In my dream, I am walking through tall grasses,
a light breeze softly playing with my hair. The sun
is so bright I have to shield my eyes with my hand,
and the sound of chattering birds grows to a
crescendo. I find myself thinking, this might just
be spring. I awaken suddenly to the sound of
birdsong, with sunlight pouring through my window
and a gentle breeze playing with the curtains,
and find myself thinking, this might just be spring.

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12 thoughts on “Waking Dreams

  1. Reading this poem this morning reminded me that I had a vivid dream about birds chirping while I was walking through a forest. I definitely heard a whippoorwill (a bird I have heard but never seen) – and I was trying to identify the other birds when I woke up. Hmmmm. Very nice poem!

  2. Cara, liked this a lot as although we have sunshine here, it is still over knee deep snow and very, very cold. Tonight I will think of you and hope I can steal a bit of your dream.


  3. Cheering thought. It may be coming, after all. The robins came through here the other day. Because they’re always around, you forget that they migrate, too

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