three holiday haiku

I love holidays and I’m on  day 25 of the NaHaiWriMo challenge. So here are three holiday haiku for the Big Tent Poetry prompt. The rest of my NaHaiWriMo haiku can be read on the NaHaiWriMo Facebook page, along with a myriad of other wonderful haiku from others across the globe.

groundhog’s day –
looking for
lost shadows

Valentine’s Day –
the queen of hearts
trumps all

Caribbean Kigo Kukai #21

President’s Day weekend –
crocuses blanketed
by a layer of snow

14 thoughts on “three holiday haiku

  1. I love your Groundhogs’. The lost shadows open into a world of possibilities.

    Haiku are way beyond me. I can never come up with short, precise words.

    • Viv- it is a holiday, the point of which eludes me. As it goes, if the groundhog sees his shadow, he retreats to his burrow and that means 6 more weeks of winter; otherwise an early spring. Or it could be the other way around… Still, a holiday is a holiday, especially in the dead of winter!

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