Laws of Attraction

And while we’re on the theme of science, one more:

A Scientist’s Take on Marriage

“Chemistry—what is this chemistry
you always talk about,” he scoffs,
as he puffs on his pipe, his eye roving
to the headlines of today’s New York Times.
No one could understand better than he
the laws of attraction—
of quantum physics, anyway.
Unfazed, I blunder on. “You know…
when two people, like… click…
His right eyebrow shoots up,
speaking volumes.
No one could understand better than he
the laws of attraction—
he married my mom.
I await the final conversation-ending clincher
and am not disappointed.
“It only takes one, kiddo,” he proclaims
as he settles back with today’s headlines.

Alien Life

Great prompt(s) this week on Big Tent Poetry. In fact, I liked the prompt so much, I wrote to each one. (The second poem originally was written to a Poetic Asides PAD challenge prompt, but works here as well; the other two are new.) Click on the links to see the whole article that inspired  each prompt.

Prompt 1: “Alien life might have been found in old meteors”: “The implications are that life is everywhere, …”


Alien life may have been found in old meteors,
he says. I ponder this. Perhaps we’re not quite
as unique as we think.  Perhaps the same combination
of atoms that we’re made up of,  are the building blocks
for other life forms too. Perhaps there are other life forms
even now among us, and we simply don’t recognize them
as such. Or perhaps… I simply shrug, and gaze up at the stars.

Prompt 2: “The junky interior of the International Space Station”: “Clutter adorns almost every surface and is held in place by duct tape, Velcro and metal clips …”

Have Glue Gun, Will Travel

My father believed
there was nothing you couldn’t fix
with a hot glue gun,
some twine,
and a whole lot of duct tape.

But when it came to people
Dad’s sage advice
for mending anything
from skinned knees
to a broken heart, was time.

It will get better
before you’re married,
he’d always say
and wouldn’t you just know it,
it always did.

Prompt 3: “That Antarctic ice is created from below as well as above”: “… the ghostly shapes of the Gamburtsevs and the giant freeze-on “beehive” structure … .”


It’s a little known fact that Arctic ice is created
from below as well as above. That while we’re
concentrating on the surface and what we can
see with our own two eyes, deep within, an
unseen parallel process is also taking place.
Things are never quite what they seem. And it
is also a little known fact that sometimes
we unravel from the inside out, while the surface
still shines.