Postcard from Home

I’m holding down the fort this week. This was inspired by yesterday’s Poetic Asides PAD prompt to write a postcard poem. What a great idea! As an inveterate postcard collector, I am fascinated by all the postcards I have amassed over the years from the special people in my life, both by the images on the front side, and by the brief but pithy messages conveyed on the back. I like re-reading them from time to time. They give such a slice of life.


Postcard from Home

I am here. You are there.
Today I dispatched a spider.
At 5:30 a.m. He was as big
as a quarter. Or so I am told.
I was half asleep. Yesterday
there were three spiders. The
day before, none. It was sunny
yesterday. Then it hailed. Hard.
Then sun again. Clouds, rain,
sun. Clouds, rain, sun. I see
where this is going. I hear it
is hot and sunny where you are.
I hope you are having fun. I am
here. You are there. I could
wish it otherwise.

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