what if

When I first saw the Poetic Asides prompt today, asking us to write a poem in which we imagine the world without us, I thought, no way,  I’m not going there. Some of the poetry I’ve been writing lately has been pretty intense, and I had an intense morning volunteering at a Komen event where I heard many moving stories of cancer diagnoses, and loss. But then I decided to go for the light touch, and wrote this poem; I am and will always be fervently grateful to my parents for not just giving me life, but for being the best parents they could possibly be. Imagine a world without me? Impossible!

what if

if my mom
hadn’t met my dad
i’d be the child
that they never had

or if they had kids
but stopped at three
my life as i know it
simply wouldn’t be

so all in all
i just have to say
i’m glad they had me
and i’m here today

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