Stranger than Fiction

As if I didn’t have enough to do this month, I’ve just got to weigh in on the Writer Mama Every-Day-In-May-Book Giveaway questions. This used to be the Writer Mama Back-To-School-Giveaway at one point, and what I enjoy the most about it is not only the chance  to reflect on my writing life and have an opportunity to win great books, but also the sense of community it provides. I’ve connected with far more other writers online in the past few years, than in “real life”. Not that online life isn’t real in its own way…. 😉

Today’s question: Which do you prefer writing: fiction or nonfiction? And why?

My response: Count me in on the nonfiction side. There was a time in my life where everything I read was fiction, so naturally I assumed I wanted to be a fiction writer when I grew up. But here I am at midlife, still waiting to grow up, and now what I want to read and write is nonfiction. I’ve been grappling with some pretty heavy issues in my life the last few years: a cancer diagnosis, losing both parents within months of each other, and children growing up and leaving home. Writing creative nonfiction satisfies the creative side of me, while still helping me to process the new reality I’ve found myself in, and make sense of it all.

The complete rules for this giveaway can be found here.

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