To Publish or Not to Publish

Day 4 of the  Writer Mama Every-Day-In-May-Book Giveaway .

Today’s question: Have you ever submitted an essay for publication? Have you ever had an essay published? How is this experience different from writing and submitting other types of writing for you?

My response: The first personal essay I ever had published was “The Dogwood Tree” in the online Survivor’s Review journal. I wrote it days after the death of my father, when the pain was still raw. The second I clicked on the “submit” key, I immediately began to experience second thoughts. My father was a very private man. What would he have thought of me writing about him? And why did I feel so compelled to write about and share such a private moment? Three years later, these are questions I am still pondering. What I do know is that of all the writings I have published since then, including author interviews, book reviews and event recaps, it is the personal essays that mean the most to me.

It’s not too late to join in! The complete rules for this giveaway can be found here.


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