The Ties that Bind

Day 17 of the Writer Mama Every-Day-In-May-Book Giveaway.

Today’s question: Suzanne said that her goal with her writing is, “to increase the amount of empathy in the world.” What is your goal with your writing? Either with an individual piece you are working on right now or with your writing career in general?

My response: My goal in writing is to connect with others, and together explore the many faceted challenges and triumphs of life. I was recently thinking about how I started out writing personal essays, then added poetry writing to the mix, and now am focused on writing haiku (but not to the exclusion of other forms). The common factor, I realized, was that all my writing is essentially nonfiction, and all of it is drawn from my life or life observations. I feel the happiest in my writing life when I am able to strike a common chord, and stimulate a conversation, as I was able to with today’s haiku on NaHaiWriMo. As different as people seem to be on the surface, there are still shared experiences that tie us all together.

It’s not too late to join in! The complete rules for this giveaway can be found here.


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