Food for Thought

Day 29 of the Writer Mama Every-Day-In-May-Book Giveaway.

Today’s question: We’ve done the physical, mental, emotional, spiritual…now let’s talk about the gastronomic. What role does food play in your writing life? Say anything you like!

My response:  I always think of writing as food for the soul, and eating as… well, food for the body. I must say that when I’m writing, I don’t pay as much attention to what I’m eating as I should, so perhaps I eat more than I should at those times. But eating can also be inspirational— every writing group I have been part of has set aside time for snacks and socializing. I can’t think of anything that bonds people together more than good food with good conversation.

It’s not too late to join in! The complete rules for this giveaway can be found here.


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