A Poetry Retrospective- December 2008

So I’ve had this pet project I’ve been meaning to do for awhile. Things seem to have a way of disappearing in cyberspace, and even though I have pages dedicated to listing my online publications, I discovered recently that many of the old links are now defunct. So my idea was to resurrect some of my favorite publications and posts from the past (how’s that for alliteration?) and re-post them here. That sounds easy in theory, but the trick is finding which of my many files and/ or notebooks to look in to find my old works. However, that’s my problem!

My very first published poem (which is no longer online) was “Sleeping With a Open Window”, and it appeared in the online journal Four and Twenty, Volume 1 Issue 2, November/December 2008. I reproduce it in its entirety here:

Sleeping  With an Open Window

Frogs, he says
Crickets, I insist
We stop again to listen.

I wasn’t quite to haiku yet, but was approaching it, with the four & twenty short form developed by Vinnie Kinsella.

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