Cemetery Haiku Thread

 The Sketchbook thread for September / October is “cemetery”. As a kid, cemeteries were always kind of spooky places for me, but now, I find in them quiet peace. My haiku for the thread:

I brush aside leaves
to read their names…
cold granite
# 11.

autumn leaves— 
grave markers blanketed
in heavy fog
# 67.

graveside service
the whisper of wind
through the pines
# 69.

pioneer cemetery
soft moss clings
to the headstones
# 71.

The entire thread can be read here.


4 thoughts on “Cemetery Haiku Thread

  1. Ooh, I love ‘graveside service’. Just beautiful, perfect! I must get organised and submit to this thread. Thanks for posting this, and getting me involved in my first one a few months ago – vegetables 🙂
    I enjoy visiting cemeteries – I find them to be (usually) peaceful, quiet places, with lovely old trees. I love photographing the angels especially.

    • Yes, you really should submit to this thread, Kirsten. I find it so interesting to see all the different perspectives on this topic– death and cemeteries are so rarely spoken of in this country, and yet it’s something we all have to deal with. Perhaps as cancer survivors, we’re more attuned to seeing cemeteries as places of peace. I always like reading names off of headstones, and trying to imagine something about that person’s life,

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