Calico Cats and Wild Mustangs

Back in August, right as I was preparing to head out to the Haiku North America conference, I saw the call for submissions for the XIII International bilingual ‘Calico Cat’ haiku contest. — BLITZ !!! The rules were simple enough: write no more than three haiku, to this lovely sumi-e painting by Origa, entitled “Yearning for Freedom” (Mustang and Hot Air Balloon).

As I only had about 48 hours anyway, before I boarded my airplane, I had no problem with the tight deadline. Besides, I’m used to writing daily haiku for NaHaiWriMo. These were my three offerings:

birds rising
to meet the clouds

swallows’ flight
the mustang tries
to outrun the sun

thundering hooves
the wind echoes
the old refrain

One of the coolest parts of this contest, is that all haiku were translated into Russian. Haiku, translations, and comments can be read here. The next contest will take place sometime in December, but you’d better be watching, because there’s only 48 hours to submit once the call for submissions is posted!

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