Off and Running

What? There isn’t enough to do this time of year without adding yet another poem-a-day challenge to the mix? I can’t resist, I guess. I’m still going strong with the NaHaWriMo daily challenge, but I absolutely can’t miss my third annual Poetic Asides November Chapbook Challenge either. Why not?

So today’s prompt is to either write a procrastination poem, or a proactive poem. My response:

Ready or Not

‘Twas the eve of November
and late into the night
I gazed out the window
and felt a great fright.

My pencil and notebook
were all in one place
with my trusty Pink Pearl
should I need to erase.

But something was missing
I could feel it in my bones
though I’d paid all the bills
and disconnected the phones.

The PAD Challenge was looming
and I quaked in my shoes
the prompts were lined up
but where was my muse?

More responses can be read here.


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