Gone Before

As I head into my tenth month (yes, it really has been that long!) of writing to NaHaiWriMo prompts, I’ve given some thought to what I have gotten out of the daily practice of writing haiku in community. And the thing that repeatedly pops into my head is the shared sense of community. And so it is always pleasing to me when I have the opportunity to interact with other haiku poets I have met online, whether that interaction is as simple as clicking the Like button on their haiku, commenting on each other’s haiku or blogs, emailing, chatting real-time online, writing collaborative renray or rengay online, or finally meeting in person at haiku conferences and retreats.


It is particularly fun to have the opportunity to contribute to collaborative posts on other blog, as I have been able to do three times so far this year, first with Melissa Allen’s Dragonfly Dreams post (on Red Dragonfly), Aubrie Cox’s Tea with Trolls post (on Yay Words!), and most recently, Margaret Dornaus’ Day of the Dead post (on Haiku-doodle), which honors those who have gone before. When I see my work alongside that of those I have come to admire, I realize anew that the whole is often more than the sum of its parts.


2 thoughts on “Gone Before

  1. Yes, that’s so nice, Cara . . . the whole . . . Am here in Hot Springs for my firest Haiku Conference, putting faces to names . . . and relishing that experience of the whole vs. the parts. Best, Margaret

    • Margaret– so cool that you are attending the Hot Springs Haiku Conference. I’ve seen postings about it up on Facebook, and it looks wonderful! You’ll have to do a blog post on it afterward, for those of us unable to attend, so we can at least feel we’ve been there in spirit. Have a great time!

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