Sort of Sunny

After I read the Poetic Aside daily prompt, I went to the gym, got on the recumbent bike with my notepad and pen, and started writing poetry while pedaling. Two birds with one stone, so to speak. Again, I really liked today’s prompt, and will bookmark it for later use. We had to make the title of the poem “Sort of [blank]”, fill in the blank with a word or phrase of our choice, and then take it from there. As usual, I went with my first instinct, but there were so many other things I thought of to write about.

The soundless bank of  TVs in the front of the room caught my eye, and one of them had the seven day weather forecast on the screen. Just how many different ways can you say “rain”?  I also decided I wanted to write a triolet, and what is impressive about my effort, if I say so myself, is that I wrote it based on a vague recollection of what the rhyme scheme for a triolet was (turned out I got it right), and without the aid of my trusty online rhyming dictionary. In other words, I had to painstakingly make lists in my notebook of rhyming words the old-fashioned way. My weather triolet:

Sort of Sunny

The weatherman says sort of sunny,
bees and honey, and all that jazz.
Yet it’s raining now and not at all funny
the weatherman says sort of sunny.
His predictions are never right on the money
but does that stop all his razzamatazz?
The weatherman says sort of sunny,
bees and honey, and all that jazz.

Check out this write-up of the triolet, if you want to try your hand at one yourself. Once you have the first two lines down, you’re 5/8 of the way there, due to the line repetition scheme. Just beware how you pick the last two words of these two starting lines, because every other line will have to rhyme with one of them!

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