A Glass Overflowing

Just as the days grow short, the wind picks up, and the temperatures plummet, the steady stream of holidays begin. Thanksgiving has long been one of my favorite holidays, as there are no expectations of gifts, candy, or cards. Just family time, good food, good company, and a few days off during an otherwise dreary time of year, to kick back, watch movies, play board games, talk, and reminisce. Thanksgiving was also the one holiday where I could always count on a visit from my parents, no matter where I lived. They visited me in California, Washington, Texas, and finally Oregon. I remember one Thanksgiving especially fondly. That was back in 2006, when my parents came up to lend support to me as I prepared for breast cancer surgery the following Monday. That turned out to be our last Thanksgiving together. My essay on our first Thanksgiving without them has just been published in the Literary Mama online journal and can be read here. My many thanks to Cassie Premo Steele for giving me this opportunity, and for her many helpful suggestions for edits, and encouraging remarks.


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