Against All Odds

It is totally against all odds that I finished another PAD challenge, and on time too! What with the holidays, lots of company, and the general fatigue that sets in after four consecutive weeks of daily poeming, I was on the verge of abandoning the Poetic Asides PAD Challenge several times. But I am glad to say that unlike this past April, I persevered, and if I can’t say I love every last one of my poems, at least I can say that they stretched me in many ways. I experimented with a number of different forms, including: epigraph poems, triolets, a bell curve Fibonacci, a monotetra, a tanka, a shadorma, a blitz poem, a bop, a Collom lune, a higgledy-piggledy, a limerick, a sevenling, tercet and a quatraine cascade poems, free form and prose poetry, a four and twenty, and skeltonic verse.

Today’s prompt was to write an “against all odds” poem. I went with a one-line haiku (or monoku, as they are sometimes called):


against all odds cherry blossoms

2 thoughts on “Against All Odds

  1. Wow, i truly admire your spirit and also your ability to write in the face of all distractions. I enjoyed all the poems i read and learnt quite a few new forms, the sevenling, for example. Also the fibonacci. I’ll go read now the remaining ones, the ones i missed. All the best to you.

    • Thank you for all your encouragement, Sanjuktaa!Sometimes I think it’s the distractions that actually spur on my writing. At least I hope so– my life seems to be full of distractions these days, but in a good way!

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