A River of Stones- January 2012

It is only two days now, until the River of Stones begins again. Hard to believe another year has passed– so much has changed, and so much has stayed the same. Tomorrow I will make a whole new set of resolutions, and see if I can dredge up last year’s resolutions (did I remember to make any?) to see how I did. And I will begin to write again, after a month of immersing myself in family and “real life”. I have no idea where I will go with my “small stones” this year… and I like it that way. I invested so much energy into writing for journals and contests this year, that I forgot what it is to write just for myself, not thinking about how a potential editor or judge will view my writing. So this January, my only self-imposed rule for my month-long River of Stones challenge, will be to write whatever I feel like, about whatever happens to catch my fancy that day. And to pay proper attention and notice things, which after all, is what the challenge is all about.

Here’s more information about the River of Stones, at the Writing Our Way Home blog. Join us!

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