A Single Tile

I wrote this earlier this year, after completing the January 2011 River of Stones Challenge:

At first it looked daunting: writing 31 small stones in 31 days. What would I find to write about, I wondered. And then I wrote the first one. About New Year’s Day and starting the river of stones challenge. And the second. About puppysitting my daughter’s poodle. And the third. About a young mother’s conversation I overheard. I posted to my blog, and feedback began to flow in immediately. Conversations began. The more universal the experience, the more of a chord it seemed to strike: the dreariness of winter, the hope of spring, dirty dishes accumulating, fog, yoga, opening a new package of sponges. Life is not made up mostly of epic moments, but rather a series of small, everyday moments, pieced together like mosaic tiles. And that’s just what a small stone is… a single tile.

I’ll be posting small stones here, and on Facebook, starting tomorrow. More small stones can be read by clicking on the blogroll, on the Writing Our Way Home blog. (On the right-hand side of the page, right under the badge. My posts will be showing up there, too.)

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