Around the Table

When I first saw that the topic for the November/ December 2011 Sketchbook thread was “candle(s)”, I wondered what I could possibly write about. But then I got into it and submitted four haiku, and probably could have thought up a whole lot more if the holidays weren’t upon me. There is just something about the flickering light of a candle’s flame. All of my haiku were selected as Editor’s Choice by Karina Klesko, John Daleiden, or Bernard Gieske, and one was chosen by all three and was favorited by John, with a very thoughtful write-up, which can be read here (scroll down). It’s special to me, as it was written about the last Thanksgiving I spent with my parents.

around the table…
three generations
in the candles’ glow

My other haiku for the candle thread:

early dusk
the candle melts
into itself

birthday candles
too many tree rings
to count

rice paper moon
another candle
on the cake

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