Mu 7s Thom Williams Memorial Contest

It is always a pleasure to discover a new haiku journal. I’m not sure how I found out about Mu, an online journal. Perhaps it was from a link on the HSA website. In any event, besides enjoying the past issues, I discovered they were holding a contest called the Mu 7s Thom Williams Memorial Contest. The only requirement for the haiku submitted, is that they had to contain seven words or less. I had no “spare” haiku laying around, as I had just fired off several submissions, so I sat down and wrote five new haiku, ranging in length from five to seven words. (I have written haiku shorter than five words, but I find it difficult to make them cohesive. So I opted to use most of the words I had allotted.)

I was thrilled to learn that one of my haiku took 3rd place. It can be read on the Mu 7s Contest page, along with a thoughtful discussion of it.

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