A River of Stones- 1.31.12

And so I come to the end of one challenge,and the start of a new one. I feel I ought to write something momentous, in honor of today being the both last day of January and the “river of stones” challenge. But to be perfectly honest, it was a perfectly ordinary kind of day, with no new smells, sights, or sounds of note to record. It didn’t rain, but there was no sun to speak of, either. It wasn’t  exactly warm, but  it wasn’t terribly cold. The birds sang as usual, I spoke to other dog walkers on our morning mosey, and I looked in vain for signs of leaves on every deciduous tree I passed. Yup, a perfectly ordinary day.

Our Favorite Walk

In 2011, I started entering a non-kukai haiku contests once in a while. Most contests have a nominal fee ($1 per haiku), while others are free. The way I look at it is this. I have little to lose, and a lot to gain. When a judge who has been reading (and writing) haiku for a long time sees something of merit in what I write, it not only validates me as a writer, but it helps me discern which pieces I write have a more universal appeal. When I submitted my first tanka to the 2011 San Francisco International Competion for Haiku, Tanka, Senryu, and Rengay, I didn’t expect much, so I  was thrilled to have it take 2nd place, among other poets whose work I admire. I wrote it about my daughter and me, when I visited her this past October, but after reading the commentary, realized that it could about any two people.

our favorite walk
by the river–
deep in conversation
we cover
the same old ground