Okay, I think I’m done playing with themes for my blog for now. About every six months, I suddenly feel the need to vary the look of my blog. My last theme was “Beach”, and before that “Spectrum”, and before that, I don’t remember. This time, I was looking for a clean, easy to read look, when I stumbled on”Bueno”. Not sure how I feel about it yet. I like the bold black lettering, and the large size of the fonts is a definite plus for readability, I think. I’m not sure though, if the background is too bright, or if the whole look is too plain. So feel free to chime in here– what do you think?

The cool thing about WordPress themes, is that with a single click of a button, you can change the theme to whatever you want, and if you don’t like what you see, voila!– with another click, you can change it back.


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