A River of Stones- 1.26.12

Dear Sunshine, I want you.I need you. What can I say? I know you want your space, and I am trying hard not to pressure you, but really, can’t you do better than these rare visits that only leave me wanting more? Is it a cliché to say that without you, my days seem grey and cheerless? Here’s hoping that you will soon be back to stay. Devotedly yours, Me.


4 thoughts on “A River of Stones- 1.26.12

    • It did work, Barb! 😉 Pure sunshine today (even if a trifle chilly!), and I finally got to go out and work in the garden for the first time since last fall. I think I’ll need to keep these little notes going!

    • You know, I finally decided it’s not the rain I mind so much, but the darkness. The other day it was so overcast that it was dark by 3 in the afternoon. 😦 But we’re on the upward climb,now. 🙂

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