Deliberately Bad

NaHaiWriMo- Day 27

Today’s prompt was to write a deliberately bad haiku. It turns out it wasn’t so easy! Sometimes a haiku was so “bad” that it was actually quite funny– almost a “good” senryu. So I had to work hard to create something that was so over-the-top that no one could actually take me seriously. Here it is:

Stygian swamp
six scaly, somnolent snakes
slither surreptitiously


Lingering Cold and Night Lights

The first Shiki kukai I participated in was in March 2010, and I’ve entered every one since. What I like best about the kukai is that the voting is anonymous, meaning that each haiku rises or falls on its own merits. Which means that someone who is fairly new to haiku is suddenly on the same footing as someone who has been writing haiku for decades. For February, the kigo was “lingering cold” and the free form topic was “night lights” (of the astronomy type). My “lingering cold” haiku took 2nd place, with 28 points, while my “shooting star” haiku received 9 points.

lingering cold
 the long ride home
 from the cemetery

shooting star
 my wish
always the same

The full February results can be read here.

Z is for Zip

NaHaiWriMo- Day 26

And so we come to the end of the alphabet… Three more days remain to February NaHaiWriMo, but this is it for the letter prompts. I must say that I have been more than pleased with this month. There is a certain energy that is generated when so many haiku poets, both fresh and seasoned, enthusiastically not only write haiku, regardless of the difficulty of the prompts, but also take the time to comment on other’s haiku. My goal was to have fun, develop a stronger sense of what makes a haiku work, and to cultivate new and existing haiku friendships. I succeeded on all counts!

broken zipper
all the things
I might have done