A is for Apple

One challenge complete, another just beginning. February 1 marks the first anniversary of NaHaiWriMo. Although I’ve stepped out now and then to recharge my haiku-writing batteries, I have been fairly consistent about writing a haiku a day since last February. How do I love NaHaiWriMo? Let me count the ways… since then I have begun to feel more confident in writing haiku, made many haiku friends both online and in person, attended two haiku conferences and the annual Seabeck retreat, branched out and begun writing the related forms of tanka, haibun, senryu, and kyoka, had many publishing successes and contest placements, added dozens of books and journals to my haiku library, but most of all, have begun to feel like a valued member of the haiku community.

If you’ve been thinking of taking part in NaHaiWriMo, but not sure about the time commitment, the good news is that whether you choose to write one haiku, or all twenty-nine, you can still be part of the experience. More information about NaHaiWriMo can be found on Michael Dylan Welch’s NaHaiWriMo website.

And now, with no further ado, my first February 2012 NaHaWriMo haiku, as we work our way through the alphabet:

mid-winter blues
reaching for a red apple
on a gray morning

2 thoughts on “A is for Apple

  1. I think I’d follow your lead and start posting them on my blog. I, too, have benefited from NaHaiWriMo in many ways and it makes sense to keep track of the posts.

    Love the play of colours in this one!

    • I’m glad you’ll be posting your NaHaiWriMo ku to your blog also, Sanjuktaa. I sometimes forget to write mine down, and it takes a ridiculously long amount of time to track them down on Facebook. I also learned that if there’s a special haiku you really do want to send out to Frogpond (who takes FB ku, but not blog ones), you can mark those blog posts “private”, so only you can see them. At least that way, they’re in one place! Or you could write them down the old-fashioned way with paper and pen… novel idea! 😉

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