Basho’s Frogpond, Revisited

I had a real Basho moment today. I was walking the dog by the pond, when suddenly I heard a loud plop. My first thought was that someone had thrown a large rock into the pond, but looking around, I saw that pup and I were alone. Was it a frog? Not wanting puppy to go ballistic, I didn’t dare approach too close in case it was something he wanted to chase. All I saw were trailing ripples, and for the whole time I stood there, nothing emerged.

old pond
when I look again
only ripples

4 thoughts on “Basho’s Frogpond, Revisited

  1. Ah, the old ‘sound of water’ haiku… 🙂

    I recall writing a haiku with a feeling left in me from Basho’s original, and then flipping it as a comical ‘senryu’:

    ripples spread out
    the pool remembers
    a frog was here

    ripples splat out
    the frog remembers
    a pool *was* here

    Please visit ‘the zen space’

    Marie Marshall

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