Fog is one of my favorite topics to write haiku about, as it is a regular occurence around these parts. So way back in August, when Terri Hale French’s NaHaiWriMo prompt for the 17th was to write an experimental haiku, I decided to write a concrete haiku on fog. My original haiku was written in a column:


For some reason, which I can’t quite recall anymore, I submitted it as a one-liner when I sent it off to the  Frogpond haiku journal:

F walking O through G

I’m very curious to hear which one people think is more effective. Someone even suggested making it diagonal, which is a cool idea, especially if I was more adept at playing around with form. Anyway, this is my first “eyeku”, as George Swede dubbed it, and I was very happy to see it appear on the pages of Frogpond, which just arrived in the mail today.

8 thoughts on “Fog

      • Are you asking for permission to use the term “eyeku”? It is not mine to give, as it was used in an email to me by George Swede (the outgoing editor of the Haiku Society of America). I am not sure if it is a term he coined or a common phrase in haiku circles; it was the first time I heard of it. You would have to contact George for more information.

    • No, I was asking your permission to publish “F walking O through G”. If you say yes before I put the Spring Showcase together (later on 1st March) it will go in there. If not, then it will be the Summer Showcase in June. Either way I would be honoured if you give your permission.

      • I enjoyed your Spring Showcase, Marie. I don’t write haiga, but I do like reading/viewing them. Yes, you may publish my FOG ku in your Summer Showcase. Frogpond should be acknowledged as the place of first publication, as follows: Frogpond 35:1, Winter 2012. Thanks!

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