W is for Wig

NaHaiWriMo- Day 23

This prompt was a bit delicate. I can’t say “wig” spoke to me in any particular way, and all I could think of were the wigs that some of my friends sometimes wore as they went through chemo. Most however, wore knit caps, floppy hats, baseball caps, or scarves/turbans, so I had to give this one a good deal of thought to come up with something that was both true, and (hopefully) in good taste. Then I remembered how it was always a cause for celebration when someone’s hair started growing back– a sign of healing, and better times to come.

fresh shoots-
her hair under the wig
starting to regrow


V is for Vent

NaHaiWriMo- Day 22

eye candy
two cats perched on  a vent


I can’t decide if this one is too obscure or not. My two cats like to settle themselves on the furnace vent by the front door, and they take a rapt interest in watching the birds fly in and out of the Kousa dogwood tree. Judging from the cats’ twitching tails and chattering, I imagine their motives are less than honorable.  And perhaps it’s only my imagination, but the birds seem to derive a malicious pleasure in taunting the cats, by seeing how close to the window they can fly!

T is for Talus

NaHaiWriMo- Day 20

I spent longer on this prompt than any other so far this month. In the first place, I had never heard of a “talus” of the stone or bone variety. Learning that it was (mostly) synonymous with “scree” wasn’t much more help, either. So I started by reading up on taluses and screes, and thought and thought about loose rocks, but still I drew a blank. Finally, when I decided to “try softer”, I came up with:

quieting my mind
a dislodged pebble
comes to rest

O is for Opera

NaHaiWriMo- Day 15

Growing up, Sunday just wasn’t Sunday, without one of Dad’s operas playing full volume on our hi-fi. While I can’t say I ever became a true opera aficionado, I did learn to enjoy a few of them, most notably Don Giovanni, The Marriage of Figaro, and The Pearl Fishers. I even went to see The Pearl Fishers many, many years ago, in San Jose, California, but disappointingly, it was sung in English, instead of the French it was written in! Here’s a performance of my favorite duet from The Pearl Fishers (sung in French!).

rainy Sunday
The Pearl Fishers blaring
from the hi-fi