Frost Flowers

The haiku thread for the January/February 2012 Sketchbook journal was “precious gems”. At first I was totally stumped. Everything I wrote seemed too flowery. And then I got the idea to stick with diamonds, and write a sequence of haiku that chronicled my history with that gem. This seemed to be particulary fitting, as my husband and I approach our 30th anniversary later this month. I submitted these as individual haiku in the Sketchbook thread, but present them here as a sequence, which is how I wrote them.

Frost Flowers

frost flowers
the sparkling allure
of diamonds

only one question
only one answer
diamond ring

picking out
a diamond solitaire…

first anniversary
the glint of her diamond

princess party
her diamond tiara
and jewel-encrusted scepter

thirtieth anniversary
he gives her books
instead of pearls

morning dew
the foreverness
of diamonds

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