Plum Blossom Rain

A new issue of Notes from the Gean was just released. I love seeing the mix of haiku, tanka, linked verse, haiga,  haibun, and feature articles,  and recognizing an increasing number of familiar names, and well as spotting new (at least to me) ones. I am proud to have three haiku, and one tanka included in this issue. There is also a great feature article on NaHaiWriMo, in which participants (including me) were recently asked to answer five questions about what they gained from the experience. My haiku are on page 43, the NaHaiWriMo feature starts on page 44, and my tanka appears on page 90. I do recommend taking the time, though, to read entire issue at your leisure. It’s chockful of good stuff!

he asks if it’s
the end of the line
winter moon

plum blossom rain-
matching my step
to his

frost footprints
my memory of her

riding backwards
on a well-lit train
through a dark tunnel
only my window reflection
and the hum of the rails


4 thoughts on “Plum Blossom Rain

  1. Lovely, Cara. I particularly like your first haiku (and the tanka, of course), and I’m glad you posted them here . . . as I’m still trying to get the hang of the new NFTG formatting. I find myself using the search tool, though, to find work from poets I know. Best, M.

    • Thanks, Margaret. I, too, am having a bit of trouble with reading the new NFTG format on my computer. I guess there is a learning curve to it, as to everything. I do love the content though– especially how they intersperse the different genres so as not to have all the haiku in one place, tanka in one place, etc. And it’s always a treat when I recognize a familiar name!

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