doodleku, revisited

Another daily poetry writing challenge completed! I would be remiss if I didn’t at least attempt some kind of concluding remarks. So here goes.

I came into the “I Doodle, You ‘Ku” daily writing challenge fresh off of two consecutive months of daily writing. In January I participated in A River of Stones, and in February I did all 29 days of NaHaWriMo,  including reading (and often commenting on) almost all the offerings of others. I was a bit burned out on writing, and thought I would just peek in at Aubrie Cox’s doodleku challenge and read what others wrote. I might even attempt writing one or two of my own, but certainly no more than that. I needed a break.

What can I say? After the first two or three, I became hopeless hooked. And I think this is why. I am a very visual person, and there was something about the “doodles” (all of which are better than anything I can even imagine drawing!) that evoked very strong memories and images for me. I found myself writing about things that I don’t even consciously think about any more. So how could I pass up the opportunity to dig deeper into my writing? I couldn’t. I wrote at least one haiku a day, and I think there was even one or two tanka, and a haibun-like writing in there.

And if that wasn’t  incentive enough to write, the other real perk of the challenge was that were generally no more than twenty to twenty-five responses per post, so I could actually read them all daily, and fully get to appreciate other’s takes on the same prompts. Will this become a yearly challenge? I certainly hope so!


4 thoughts on “doodleku, revisited

  1. Cara, what a lovely reflection! I’m going to be working on my wrap-up post today as well. 🙂

    Thanks for playing along! It was such a treat having you along for the ride! I agree how great it is to have a small group of participants. I loved reading everyone’s works throughout the day as they showed up in my inbox, and seeing how folks began to bond or share small comments with each other in the comments.

    A yearly thing? Hmmm… I’ll have to think on it!

    • Thank you, Aubrie. Looking forward to reading your recap. 🙂 After the madness of February NaHaWriMo, it was quite refreshing to have a manageable number of posts to read and ponder. Kind of like stepping into a virtual poetry salon.

      • I’d like to thank you for the daily inspiration. Other than Aubrie’s wonderful doodle, I was looking forward to your haiku. It made my day! It’s was also so nice to read all the posts. I agree that it was easier to read and reflect on a small list of posts each day.

        I’m not a very good haiku writer yet, but this experience was truly inspirational.


  2. Christine– And I enjoyed reading all of your haiku, as well! It was fun to look for familiar faces everyday– I feel like I’ve gotten to know you a little better through your haiku. 🙂

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