Poet Showcase: Laurie Kolp



Name: Laurie Kolp
Location: Beaumont, TX

Blogs: My poetry blogs are Conversations with Laurie/Laurie Kolp Poetry  and Bird’s-Eye Gemini.

How do you know Cara? We met at Poetic Asides. Cara and I got to know each other better through Facebook. I discovered she had several pieces published in Chicken Soup for the Soul, so as I impatiently waited for a response, I sent her a private message. She gave me so much encouragement and reaffirmed that it takes awhile. I love how supportive Cara is and I respect the fact that she stays away from poetic drama which can occur at times.

How long have you been writing poetry? I’ve been writing poetry most of my life, but have been actively pursuing it since 2008.

What kind of poetry do you write? I like writing all kinds of poetry- form and free verse- and I try to vary what I post on my blogs.

Please share a poem:

Below is a poem that won the Poetic Asides Tritina Form Challenge and will be published in an upcoming issue of Writer’s Digest.


She came home with stars in her eyes
twirling her hair, a dreamy smile
out of touch; I stadium waved hello.

A boy from church had told her hello
on the school bus where their eyes
met a split second in time, she smiled

as she told me the story and I smiled
because love always starts with hello
a skip beat of the heart, locking eyes.

Hello teen years, I smiled then rolled my eyes.

13 thoughts on “Poet Showcase: Laurie Kolp

  1. Tritina — such a difficult form to write (in my opinion) without the product sounding repetitious & trite, and yet, you seem to have accomplished it beautifully and effortlessly with this one. Loved this poem first time I read it. Still do. 🙂

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  3. Thank you!

    It’s funny because I had been working hard on Titrina’s for the challenge when my daughter came home from a choir trip… and after watching her my words just flowed onto the page.

      • I do love it… and when I want them to come, they usually don’t.

        Terri and I were in a group together before she became an expert on haiku like you.

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