Poet Showcase: Terri L. French

Name: Terri L. French
Michigan, live in Huntsville, AL

Blogs: Terri is the regional co-ordinator for The Haiku Society of America- Southeast Region. Her personal blog is themullingmuse

How do you know Cara? Cara spotted me on the blog “Blogging Along Tobacco Road,” when I was a featured poet.  From there we spotted one another on the Facebook page NaHaiWriMo, Poetic Asides, and in various publications.  We are now Facebook friends.

How long have you been writing poetry? I’ve been writing poetry since I was a child.  I always made my mother cards on Mother’s Day with poems in them–you know the type full of “loves,” “doves,” and “heaven aboves.”  I no longer write poetry that rhymes!

What kind of poetry do you write? Nowadays, my favorite genre is haiku.  I also write haibun, senryu, tanka, haiga, and dabble in linked forms.  I’ve collaborated on several “renrays,” a linked form created last year with my husband, me, Curtis Dunlap and Susan Nelson Myers, at Susan’s house in North Carolina.

Please share a poem:

autumn winds
campaign signs
shifting positions

DailyHaiku, Cycle 10, Feb. 15, 2012

bridge game
every hand

Prune Juice, issue 7 – Winter 2012

the first dandelion. . .

from my book, A Ladybug on my Words,

available at amazon.com


11 thoughts on “Poet Showcase: Terri L. French

  1. “A Ladybug on My Words” captured my attention, Terri. How/where can we purchase this book?

    Marie Elena

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