Poet Showcase: Michael Dylan Welch

Name: Michael Dylan Welch
Born in Watford, England, and grew up in England, Ghana, Australia, and then Canada. Now living in Sammamish, Washington.

Blogs: www.graceguts.com




(among others)

How do you know Cara? NaHaiWriMo, Seabeck, HSA, etc.

How long have you been writing poetry? Since I was a child. I’ve also been writing haiku since I was a teenager, starting in 1976.

What kind of poetry do you write? Haiku, senryu, tanka, and longer poetry (mostly free-form), plus American Sentences and my neon buddha poems (which are short like haiku, but I don’t consider most of them to be haiku).

Please share a poem:

The Clarinet

First published in Mosaic #28, 1988, page 82 (University of California, Riverside). Also published in Sand Hill Review #4, Spring 2003, page 39.

A Londoner with
plays amiable
the Royal Festival,
command performance
His hatovercoatclarinet
are worn,
and the tired case lies
where naked
The music
across the Thames
through thin
and when the concert
waltz like the river by
to the sound
of a dreamy

8 thoughts on “Poet Showcase: Michael Dylan Welch

  1. Thanks for showcasing Michael’s poetry, Cara. So much to admire from his overwhelming body of works! Really enjoying this project of yours. Thanks again!

  2. It’s always fun when someone crosses genres in poetry. This was the first non-Japanese form poem I’ve read of Michael’s, and I must say, I’m enjoying glimpsing another side of poets I only know from the haiku world.

  3. Great topic, creatively painted on the page. Nice!

    Cara, I am so enjoying these little snipets of introduction to the poets in your life! Thank you for taking on a very different (at least to me) approach to the celebration of National Poetry Month.

    Marie Elena

    • I have to give credit where credit is due, Marie Elena. I got the idea for this project from poet friend, Angie Werren, who is participating in a project called Couplets: a multi author poetry blog tour. Although I’m not officially taking part in Couplets, I did like the idea of offering up my blog for guest posts. The idea has been enthusiastically received, and it has been so rewarding for me to learn more about poets I know, and to read such stellar poetry. What a wealth of talent out there!

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