Poet Showcase: Curtis Dunlap

Name: Curtis Dunlap
Location: Mayodan, NC

Blog(s): The Frugal Poet

Tobacco Road Poet

Blogging Along Tobacco Road

How do you know Cara? Blog and Facebook

How long have you been writing poetry? Nearly all my life, but heavily for the last decade.

What kind of poetry do you write? free verse with an occasional ‘ku or related genre of poetry

Please share a poem:

love poem

I like to imagine
that she’s
googled me;
she’ll read
a few
of my poems
in an online
the one
I penned for her
decades ago.
she’ll rise from her chair,
retrieve an old shoe box
from a closet,
sit down
at the kitchen table
with a cup of coffee,
tenderly lift
and unfold
a yellowed scrap
of notebook paper,
read that love poem
look wistfully
out the window
her rose garden
and say,
“I’m glad
I didn’t marry
that poor bastard.”

The Wild Goose Poetry Review Volume 4, Issue 4 Winter 2009

16 thoughts on “Poet Showcase: Curtis Dunlap

  1. Sitting here all by myself, chuckling out loud. Brilliant misleading of your readers, Mr. Dunlap!

    Keep writing, and keep taking us by surprise!

    Marie Elena

    • There have been many wonderful and surprising poems from people I thought only wrote haiku, Sanjuktaa. Stay tuned for more… (and for plenty more non-haiku poets too…)

    • Actually, haiku led me to free verse. Lenard D. Moore told me years ago to always write haiku. Lenard told me that writing haiku would help me in removing unnecessary words from longer poems.

      He was right. πŸ™‚

      • That sounds like good advice, Curtis. I actually started with prose, then moved into longer poetry, and more recently haiku. Now when I read some of my older poetry, I just want to take a red pen and start slashing words! Haiku is good discipline for just about any other kind of writing. Speaking, too! πŸ˜‰

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