Poet Showcase: Alegria Imperial

Name: Alegria ‘Alee’ Imperial
Location: Originally from Manila, Philippines now from Vancouver,Canada

Blog: jornales

How do you know Cara? I met her on NaHaiWriMo

How long have you been writing poetry? Seriously into poetry in 2005

What kind of poetry do you write? Mostly haiku, some tanka, and recently, haibun and also free verse when all three fail

Please share a poem:

To this We Wake

Scraps of purple on winter dawns
slung on arms of mornings
a sun awaiting for us
in between strutting seagulls
pigeons braiding shadows–
we snuggle.

We trace our days in dreams we
birth at dawn
when swatches of light
tickle us out to walk
on grounds of endearments our steps
have marked engraved by winds.

We step on
shredded blooms the seasons
gift us, stealing kisses, time on
halved imperfect whispers, wishes we rip
off the day, their ends we spangle on
skies, our secret into stars.

Yet we wake to another day–
what lies deeper than frost farther
than slumber, closer
to the core where
seasons sleep: to this, to this
we always wake.

Butterfly Away, Magnapoets Anthology Series 3, 2011

9 thoughts on “Poet Showcase: Alegria Imperial

  1. Amazing how one’s words, one’s inner beat when turned over to caring hands take on a heart of their own like how I read my poem now. Thank you so much, Cara, for aligning me with great poet-friends in this showcase. I can’t feel honored enough!

    Was it perhaps a hummingbird’s whisper that you timed this showcase today to the exact date three years ago when I wrote this poem? It first poured out as a not-quite-sonnet that I further worked on for the Magnapoets anthology. And it has since become one of my favorites among the countless many still languishing and the few already settled in a bed.

    Thank you again.

    • That’s very special that this is the anniversary of you writing this lovely poem, Alee. And I had no idea until you sent me this poem for the showcase, that you also wrote free form poetry. You are full of surprises!

  2. Mi hermana, Margaret, what other ways can I possibly express how grateful I am for your constant support? I’ll have to ask the flowers, the magnolias, camellias and cherry blossoms, in particular; they that stun even the skies profusely! Yes, I’ll borrow their wordless enthusiasm for now. Thanks again.

  3. Profuse thanks for your lovely comments, Kirsten and Terri!!! I wish there were multiple ‘like’ buttons here! And thanks again, dear friend, Sanjukta, for a ‘gush’ over my poem that I now respond to with an even bigger gush!

    Thanks again, Cara, for including me in your stellar lineup of poets! I’ve since circulated this page among relatives, classmates back home as early as in the elementary grades and friends I’ve worked with, who have no idea what I’ve turned into. Thanks so much!

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