Poet Showcase: Angie Werren

Name: Angie Werren
Ohio, USA

Blog: my micropoetry site ‘feathers’

How do you know Cara? I think I may have first *met* her through ReadWritePoem or Big Tent, but more recently through NaHaiWriMo.

How long have you been writing poetry? I wrote a little poetry in college, then began again around 2008.

What kind of poetry do you write? Today I write mostly micropoetry, with the occasional longer poem when time allows.

Please share a poem:

an old poem, from ReadWritePoem days --

a three-legged chair

is an empty womb     weighing
a black hole in the ultrasound

is held in hands     the heft of wood
turned smooth and lacquered

is suppressed in silence     twisted
and splintered

is voiced on tremulous days
obvious     without glue

originally published on ‘contemporary american voices’ — april 2010

11 thoughts on “Poet Showcase: Angie Werren

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  2. Angie, I see you live in Ohio. Good to meet a fellow Buckeye! Great work, especially touched by
    “empty womb weighing
    a black hole in the ultrasound”

    Thanks again for another great feature, Cara!

    Marie Elena

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