Poet Showcase: Johannes S.H. Bjerg

Name: Johannes S. H. Bjerg
Location: Denmark

Blog: My main blog where I write bilingual haiku is: 2 tongues / 2 tunger, but I keep other blogs for other needs .

How do you know Cara? I know her from NaHaiWriMo and from there I know her blog. I also know her from the Shiki Kukai and have been coming across her name here and there in the “haiku-territory”.

How long have you been writing poetry? I’ve been writing seriously for abt x years (this one’s a secret).

What kind of poetry do you write?    I write mainly haiku and haiku-related things. Sometimes I  excess and write haibun and 5-line poetry (tanka, gogyohka/gogyoshi).

Please share a poem:

a word that takes time defoliation
(Modern Haiku 43:1, 2012)

a crayon-swan
in Temps Perdu
(A Hundred Gourds 1:1, Dec. 2011)

beneath her voice a timbre of something crumbling
(Notes from the Gean 3:3, Dec. 2011)

5 thoughts on “Poet Showcase: Johannes S.H. Bjerg

  1. Oh, this: “beneath her voice a timbre of something crumbling” This speaks. Glad to be introduced to you. Even your name is poetic.

    Marie Elena

  2. I find Johannes’s poetry fascinating, esp. his experimental ones…not that i am going bto forget his “yoshino cherry” in a hurry! Thanks Cara and Johannes!

  3. Johannes’ works in any form never fail to amaze me–tickle my mind though is more truthful! At NaHaiWriMo where I met him and where we interact daily, my responses to his posts shift from meditation to sky high discussions–we tackled lives of the saints at one point–to giggly effect of words and even sheer silliness! He’s absolutely creative, innovative and fearless, qualities I wish were mine. His one-liners, like the three he has chosen to showcase here, always open to a crack in a world we wouldn’t have found out on our own. And in it, a slice of sky that sparks just that one moment. But it stays within us once we close our eyes. Thank you for such gifts, Johannes!

    And thank you, Cara, for this page on him.

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