Poet Showcase: Marie Elena Good

Name: Marie Elena Good
Born in Columbus, Ohio (a Buckeye to my core).  Now living in Northwest Ohio.

Blogs: Poetic Bloomings  (A shared blog with Walter Wojtanik, where poets of all age and skill are welcome.  We offer a prompt every Sunday morning.  Come discover the many poet-promoting features we offer.

How do you know Cara? We met a few years back at Robert Lee Brewer’s Poetic Asides April Poem-a-Day Challenge. The wonders of internet connection are grand, indeed. I was drawn to Cara, as she shares my passion for packing a punch in few words.  My common reaction to her work is, “Wish I’d written that!”

How long have you been writing poetry? My first poem was in Second Grade, as an assignment.  Although I pictured myself as a future “writer”, I did not attempt another poem until 2009 (decades later), when I saw a notice of the April Poem-a-Day Challenge, and decided to test the waters.  The number and quality of poems posted there was intimidating to me, but a few kind words from folks such as Cara and my now-blog-partner Walter Wojtanik kept me plugging away.  Poetry is now as much a part of my daily life as coffee.

What kind of poetry do you write? Faith-based, light humor in many topics, and all-things Sophia Rose (my enchanting one-year-old granddaughter).

Please share a poem:

Of Dandelions and Manicures

One edges, tidies, snips, and trims,
Who knows nothing of dreams and whims.

One scatters dandelion seeds,
Who understands a daydream’s needs.


17 thoughts on “Poet Showcase: Marie Elena Good

  1. Loves me some Marie Elena!
    Not only is Marie an incredibly insightful, touching, sharp-witted and elegant poet…she is a poetic encourager of the highest order. I am fully convinced there are at least two dozen wonderful poets on Poetic Asides who kept coming back when discouragement would have taken over, due to a sweet – and dead-on RIGHT – comment from Marie. And for those of us who are blessed to know her well, well…those comments are continual, and as life-giving as ink, and breath.

    Marie, I only vaguely remember the poem above, for some reason (must have been a busy-day sort of prompt). It is well-chosen, as it is the epitome of your ability to turn a fantastic phrase, and infuse such deep meaning into so few words. Just gorgeous. Like Sophie. And YOU.

    From just one of many of us touched, tamed, and lifted up by you, THANK YOU.

  2. Marie is such a beautiful lady in every sense of the word! Thank-you for showcasing her today! She is a tender voice of encouragement on Poetics Aside and Poetic Bloomings!

  3. Can I second that motion?! Marie’s ability to poem , with a light lovely touch was manifested early on in her early walks on what became known ( to some) as The Street… On a very personal level..Marie occupies a place in my heart as the first person to comment on one of my first online submissions at PA.. Although, I had already been a published nonfiction writer at this point… that comment deeply touched me… So yes, Marie’s poetry and persona are inextricably connected by kindness and authenticity of a spirit of positivity she freely shares and in so doing inspires…. Standing ovation for one who has impacted so many with her unique clear simple grace of loving-kindness and lovely reads … not to omit the always stunning Sophie …whose smile could inspire a library of lyrics :).

  4. My Marie Elena, no she is mine! 🙂

    Marie, thank you from the bottom of my heart for you being you. I know I would not be writing poetry if it were not for you. You are a wonderful, compassionate human being who is head over heals in love with verse.

    I agree with De. At times, I felt on Poetic Asides… “there goes Marie Elena sprinkling poetic encouragement fairy dust” and yippee, she even left some for me. I would flush with pride, my ego soothed, ready to take on the following day’s prompt.

    Marie Elena, I know I have already written about you and mentioned you in a couple of my blog articles. Even that does not feel like it is enough for sharing with the world why Meena Rose writes poetry.


  5. Your comment was spot-on, Whimzy. Marie has done so much for so many and never takes credit for the joy, talent, or worth that she spreads so liberally to those around her.

    Marie, you deserve this highlighting and more.

    I’m so glad for this showcasing for our friend of the heart and spirit.

  6. You are all making me blush, big time. Such generous friends I have! Thank you soooo much, you guys.

    Cara, I meant what I said at your facebook post … I can’t even express what an honor it is for me to be “showcased” here by you. The many accolades you’ve received (contest wins, publications, etc.) are so well deserved. I need to study your work, and then begin submitting again. Thank you for the inspiration, Cara.

    • And I am inspired by you, Marie Elena– not just by your finely crafted poetry words, but also by your generous spirit. I’m sure I speak for most of us on Poetic Asides, when I say how much your constant encouragement and kindness means to us.

  7. Congrats, Marie! You are deserving of all this fine praise & more! You truly have a gift for seeing the best in everyone (except yourself!) and inspiring & encouraging folks when they need it most. Take your own words to heart and stop selling yourself short. You are talented in your own right. Go Marie!! 🙂

  8. Just recently I attended a spiritual retreat and it was an intensive two day session with lots of thought provoking questions, many tear-jerking responses, open hearts revealing the magic of being human.

    One of the questions to discuss in small groups was this: “Who is the most influential person in your life right now.”

    Guess who came to mind first? Yes, you have it right…Marie!!

    I explained to my group who she is and how her loving, kind, honest way has touched me so profoundly these few years that I’ve been so blessed with. On top of being an incredibly thoughtful friend, Marie has such a comforting spirit about her that in times that I’ve truly needed a stable-minded “mother-type,” of wisdom and uplifting faith-filled words she has been there for me on so many occasions.

    My heart just wells with the joy of knowing you, Marie!

    Thank you Cara, for this beautiful glimpse into Marie’s life!

  9. I must agree with all above…those poets among us who are connected with Poetic Bloomings are the dandelions she has treasured in her poem. She scatters our seeds and our fuzzy blooms multiply by her encouragment.
    Marie is SO giving, does so much with Poetic Bloomings along with Walt, to help, guide, stroke, encourage, challenge, inspire us. Marie… it’s an honor to be acquainted with you, and so wonderful to have you scatter our thoughts in the garden.

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