Poet Showcase: Pearl Ketover Prilik

Name: Pearl Ketover Prilik (PKP aka Dr. Pearl Ketover Prilik aka Poet Too-Many-Names).
Location: Lido Beach, New York, South Shore of Long Island. Many, many years ago I lived in the US Virgin Islands for about six years which is not San Francisco, but nevertheless where I left at least a piece of my heart forever.

Blog: My blog is “Imagine” (the quotes are because it cannot be domained as of course a good part of the writing world got there first)

How do you know Cara? I grabbed Cara by her virtual ankles as soon as I heard about this idea and eagerly asked to be part of this network. I know Cara through years of admiring her poetry and writing virtually side by side with her on what I liked to call “The Street” the original Poetic Asides – that initially had a very warm community atmosphere.  Cara and I are FB Friends and part of a group of poets from this community who belong to a social page I administer, where last year, the idea was floated to create an anthology.  Cara and I were two of the forty “Anthologists” of this collection titled Prompted – An International Collection of Poems, based on ten “prompts” from the PA site which I edited.  I think that Cara’s idea of “showcasing” poets during April is a brilliant breath of fresh air to “mix-up” the challenges of National Poetry Month and for some of us who do not “know” one another to meet.  Bravo to Cara!

How long have you been writing poetry? I have been writing poetry since about age nine.  I never “did” much with my poetry – except for school publications and so forth – I always considered poetry a personal expression, written to commemorate special occasions, events or feelings.  Poetry always seemed like a separate language to me, a way in which to express thought on a multiplicity of levels whereas prose which I did have published and short stories and novels which I have not as yet (except for a few micro-shorts), required a completely different skill set and thinking process.  It was only in the past four years that I began writing at all publicly when I first dipped my toe into the Internet and got caught on the hook of submitting poetry on a daily basis to a variety of sites and on my own blog. I now approaching perhaps 800 poems (yes there is a certain mania it seems at work here) on my site and have had a few published in on-line journals and in the self-published and self-edited (hmm a pattern here?) afore-mentioned anthology.  I am currently finishing up editing another anthology with the working title Beyond The Dark Room – An International Collection of Transformative Poetry which will be available sometimes in early summer.

What kind of poetry do you write? I write all sorts of forms of poetry …. From Seussian silliness and limericks, pseudo sonnets to surreal narratives – most often and unlike any other form of writing I do, poetry just “arrives” as an image and gets a little on the spot tweak here and there; I do enjoy finding new forms and experimenting here and there which lends a discipline that is usually foreign to my writing.   (In another “life-time” I was a teacher of English and I too often watched poetry destroyed for youngsters by teachers who insisted on the “correct” analysis and the learning of forms…).

Please share a poem:

 Okay this poem which will appear in the new collection was inspired by a gorgeous photo from the Thursday Think Tank at Poets United which I must include here.

In the glow

In the glow
of chaos swirling
from the brush of
butterfly wings
to cataclysm rises
from the confines of
ash behind barbed wired
smokestacks to the
lap of clear aqua waters
on a manicured fingertip
In the glow of chaos swirling
Each to the other connected
Through the tempest of time
Rising from each cindered soul
Floating from buildings terrible
Tumble into bottomless eyes of big bellied
Children’s – sunsoaked run in suburban sprinklers

In summer eves that melt into
Arctic airless black
In the glow from
first outraged scream to last shuddered sigh
All that has been, is, and will be
From this besotted bare bone sharded
Unfamiliar landscape whirling in joyous
Confident abandon the constant
Shimmering configuration of a single slivered spark
In the glow

or on a far lighter note…in honor of MadKane’s Limerick call for International Women’s Day

International day of woman it is
honor by each her and his
Remember this day
no matter which way
all born from a womb not a whiz

Now whizzes essential tis true
In getting things started on cue
Yet a shout and a squirt
Are but a blipped blurt
On the landscape that brought you to you

12 thoughts on “Poet Showcase: Pearl Ketover Prilik

  1. DrPKP: you are one prolific genius! I am glad I get to be part of your upcoming anthology. As team member of DrPKP, all I can say is that she corralled a large number of poets to submit their poems in a timely, deftly drove consensus decisions via polls and votes and above has been an amazing literary cat herder!

    • Aw. Thank you Meena …. I’ll defer the “genius” accolade to those who know better. I am delighted that you are enjoying the experience of the new anthology… It has been wonderfully collaborative and collectively, creatively kind. Thank you again 🙂

  2. Yet another Poetic Asides poet! I wonder if Robert Lee Brewer really has a grasp on his influence.

    Pearl, I’m so glad you pointed this out: ” … too often watched poetry destroyed for youngsters by teachers who insisted on the “correct” analysis and the learning of forms…” Though I am all for learning forms and learning to be creative withing their boundaries, I feel, like you, that too often teachers squelch creativity.

    Lovely poem choices, Pearl!

    • RLB certainly set something in motion with his idea for a WD blog called Poetic Asides….I often have wondered and written about the timing and connections discovered at that particular moment in time and the creative community that began and continues. Wonder-full! So different from the way too many teachers ( as we agree) might sadly begin the reading and writing of poetry….

  3. There’s so much to say about Pearl and so glad you showcased her amazing poetic talent here. She is a the “glow” for our “chaos” and like her I have tumbled into the world of Poetic Asides. I consider it a privilege to have my poems in the same anthology as hers are and all the comments about P being a shepherd and a literary cat herder are correct. With her calm and reasoning comments she manages to get results. She is quick to attack herself, but there is no need ever!! She is a marvel and has been my constant cheerleader!! She is a cheerleader for us all and I am so happy to know her.

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