Poet Showcase: Walt Wojtanik

Name: Walt Wojtanik
Location: Buffalo, New York


How do you know Cara? Poetic Asides

How long have you been writing poetry? 43 years off and on/ 4 years seriously

What kind of poetry do you write? Fascinated by form, so most things structured

Please share a poem:


At last I am leaving:
I pass as all things do
over withered fields.
Listen to the voices
of pines and cedars
when no wind stirs,
life is but melting snow;
in rainless skies, a cool moon…
I have said enough about moonlight,
ask no more.
Since time began, sixty-six times
these eyes beheld the changing scene of autumn.
On a journey, ill: dew on the grass.
Pure is my heart. My dream goes wandering.
The dead alone know peace.

A Cento with lines taken from: Ryonen, Senseki, Banzan, Basho and Nandai


11 thoughts on “Poet Showcase: Walt Wojtanik

  1. Walt, I remain forever amazed at the “timelessness” of your poetry. It transcends the linearity of time. I have frequently returned to re-read my favorites. They never loose their “timelessness” smell.

  2. Oh WOW! … Wonderful poem.. that is no surprise… but how delightful to have been the filling between the Marie and Walt sandwich! Thanks Cara. You were correct in your thinking – this showcase has and continues to be great fun during the intensity of April challenges.

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