Poet Showcase: Andrew Kreider

Name: Andrew Kreider
Location: Elkhart, Indiana since 1992 – born and raised in London, England

Blog(s): Andrew Kreider – Words and Music and Penguin Poems

How do you know Cara? through Poetic Asides

How long have you been writing poetry? as a songwriter and musician since the late 80s.  As a blogging poet, since 2010

What kind of poetry do you write? Most of my poetry is a reflection on small details of domestic life, using those as a way to explore larger themes.  I like to write within the structure of a poetic form, and even when I don’t use a rhyme scheme, I’ll often write 10-syllable lines just to give some form of limitation (I was led to this through reading Robert Brewer’s work on Poetic Asides).  I love to perform my work live, and in those settings I specialize in off-beat, funny monologues, since crowds in a coffee house would for the most part rather laugh out loud than sit quietly and think deep thoughts!  But then in the middle of a series of funny pieces, I can throw in the occasional serious one as a change of pace, which helps highlight those pieces.  Unless someone just ordered a cappuccino, of course…  Some of my performances are posted on my website and on YouTube.

Please share a poem:

Here’s the most recent poem I posted on my blog. I’ve been struggling with writer’s block recently – something I think we all go through in regular cycles once that initial flood of poetic brilliance has run its course!

When the well has run dry

When the well has run dry
it comes without warning.
The tongue swells in your cheek,
thick and livid, so that
your words no longer speak.

When the well has run dry,
you curse Providence for
this damming of the source
of such early growth. You
rail. Yet it is, of course,

when the well has run dry
that the real work begins.
This is the place you give
yourself to the long task
of learning how to live

when the well has run dry,
the daily love affair
with hardy words you kiss
into unlikely soil
to bloom up from the dust.

–Andrew Kreider, 2012

9 thoughts on “Poet Showcase: Andrew Kreider

  1. Mr. Kreider! Oh yes, one who has knocked my socks off! 😀 😉 Keep writing, Andrew. That well is deeper than you think.

  2. Nice to meet you, Andrew! In a manner of speaking, the well has run dry in my throat and I can’t speak today.. What a poem! I love what it is making us think off! Excellent!

  3. Well at least Marie has the dignity to stop at her socks! There is a certain “something” in your well dear sir… and that is without hearing the way we Yank women often enjoy hearing ” our ” English spoken… Ahem back to the poetry…. It is consistently brilliant. Write, Play Perform on! You are blooming good 🙂

  4. Thanks all! It’s great to be part of this amazing showcase of poets. Way to go, Cara, for bringing us all together! Can’t wait to see who’s up next!

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