Poet Showcase: Lucas Stensland

Name: Lucas Stensland
St.Cloud, MN. I now live in NYC.

Blog: I do not have a blog, but I post poems on my Facebook page Haiku Cowboy Productions. You can “like” it to follow.

How do you know Cara? Facebook and then her blog. Also, Terri Hale French introduced us, and we wrote a renray together, along with Johnny Baranski and Terri.

How long have you been writing poetry? It will be two years this summer.

What kind of poetry do you write? I think of myself as a micropoet, but I guess I mostly write senryu and other Japanese-inspired forms. I do a lot of haibun.

Please share a poem:
I purchase a
Bar Hemingway t-shirt
Paris changed
(Notes from the Gean)

his tattoo
(Notes from the Gean)

Scotch and water
no straw or reason
is needed
(Seven By Twenty)

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