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Okay, if you missed the opportunity to share a poem for National Haiku Poetry Day, never fear! April 26 has been designated national Poem in your Pocket Day.

From now, until the end of the day on April 26, I will be collecting linksΒ (not the poem itself!), to a poem you’d like to share. This may be a poem that you’ve published in an online journal, a poem published on your own personal blog, or a favorite poem that can be found online. Just one please. πŸ™‚

Leave the link and the name of the poem Β in the comments below, and on April 26th, I will put together the post. For haiku, you may use the first line as the title.



summer butterfly


(I will hyperlink them nicely for the actual post.)

28 thoughts on “Share a Poem

  1. Great idea, Cara. I’d like to share the haiku that paul m. (Paul Miller) wrote for my osprey …you’ll find the haiga on my new blog…
    His haiku is always awesome to me.

    • Somehow the URL for my blog would not print… so I’ll try it this way:

      http:// snowbirdpress. wordpress. com/ … Just fit all the sections together and omit the spaces.

  2. Poetic Asides Day 18: Regional Cuisine Poem.

    Three Little Pigs in a Blanket

    Three Little Pigs in a Blanket
    crashed a pajama party.
    One started playing the trumpet.
    Three Little Pigs in a Blanket
    pulled out a rope and tried to jump it.
    Their names were Zeik, Bo and Marty.
    Three Little Pigs in a Blanket
    crashed a pajama party.

    (c) jh 4/20/12

    • Jacqueline– I’m glad you said something. I just rescued your poem from where it had ended up in my spam filter! Do you have a link for this to a blog page? If not, it’s okay, I can include the poem.

  3. Here’s my poem for “A Poem In Your Pocket” ….

    “I forget my lips are roughed, at the clear water.” by Chiyojo (1703-1775)

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