Rich and Famous

Every year, for the past 4 or 5 years, I have looked forward to Christina Katz’ daily book giveaway. It used to take place in September. Now it happens in May, and is aptly titled: the 2012 Writer Mama Every-Day-In-May Book Giveaway.

The rules are simple enough, and can be read here.  Each day a new mom writer is featured, along with her latest book. At the bottom of each post is a question that focuses on one aspect of the writing life, and you only need to answer the question in 50-200 words (in the comments section) to be entered in a drawing to win that book. I’ve won several great books in the past, which is a lovely perk, but to me, the real draw is examining my writing life once a year, by answering a series of probing questions by Christina Katz, herself an accomplished (and local!) writer. And I enjoy reading others’ responses. So what are you waiting for!


Today’s question, and my response:

5/1/12: Q: If you could become rich and famous for writing one thing and one thing only. What would you want that one thing to be? Don’t over-think it. Just answer from the gut!

The book that I would most like to write (and am most likely to write) would be a chapbook of haiku or haibun. Would that make me rich and famous? I hardly think so! That being said, if I ever did come up with a clever idea for a fun novel that featured a baby boomer as a protagonist, I would go for it wholeheartedly! But I’d still rather be known for my haiku and haibun. 😉


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